Tax determination software for corporations

Single solution for all your nonresident employee tax compliance

Because accounting doesn’t need to be complicated

Single solution for corporations with international employees and vendors

  • Not sure who is a tax nonresident? The residency test is performed by TDS
  • Who is entitled to a tax treaty? What does that entitlement mean to them and to you as an employer? No need to be familiar with tax treaties and regulations, all of them are included in Sprintax TDS and the implications for the individual employee and you as an employer are clearly calculated and outlined within Sprintax TDS
  • API integration available to your payroll software, so we can pull data from and send data to your system
  • 1042-S forms produced and filed with the IRS automatically
  • All forms required to correctly calculate nonresident payroll are prepared by TDS – W4, 8823, SS-5, etc

How our tax determination software works

Employee record is set up on the system

Employee fills in the online questionnaire

TDS checks residency status and tax treaty eligibility

TDS prepares all necessary form

Employee signs and submits relevant forms

TDS prepares tax withholding calculation

Easy access for payroll/accounts payable staff to generated forms.

TDS can even perform payroll calculations

What does Sprintax TDS do for employers?

Sprintax TDS makes life easy for employers.

Choose Sprintax TDS. Your Payroll office will thank you for it!

Employers can ensure that the correct amount of tax is withheld from their nonresident employees and reported to the IRS.

Payroll Departments can easily manage the tax profiles of their nonresident employees all in one place through a user-friendly dashboard

Meanwhile, our system will aid your foreign employees in determining their residency status for tax purposes and their entitlement to tax treaty benefits, ensuring that they are taxed correctly from the first paycheck

You manage your international employees

We'll manage their tax!

Key benefits

  • Tax residency determination
  • Treaty and withholding calculations
  • IRS and individual 1042s reporting

The one stop shop for corporate and individual nonresident tax compliance


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