Sprintax TDS SaaS process automation

Process automation

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Main benefits of Sprintax TDS

By combining the features of multiple software solutions in a single SaaS Sprintax TDS time and resources for your International Student Office, HR, Accounts payable and Payroll Department while ensuring nonresidents are fully compliant with the IRS.

Here's how Sprintax TDS
will make a big difference at your organization

All nonresident tax profiles in one place

All in one solution

Your staff can now manage all nonresident tax profiles in a single application, using an intuitive, user-friendly interface. No more manual entry and endless copy-pasting.

Tax withholding calculations on nonresident aliens

Tax withholding calculations

Organizations can ensure that the correct amount of tax is withheld from their nonresident students, scholars and professionals, and is reported to the IRS.

Cloud-based tax determination software for nonresidents

Cloud-based product

No software downloads or installs required. Login from anywhere at anytime!

dependable and trusted software

Dynamic, adaptive, dependable and trusted system

The Taxback Group has been operating in the US for more than 20 years, and Sprintax has been helping nonresidents with their taxes since 2013. We’re already working with some of the largest schools in the US.

online payroll and tax assistance to nonresidents

Paper-free operation

Sprintax TDS offers end-to-end online assistance to nonresidents for all aspects of tax compliance:

  • Tax residency determination
  • Treaty eligibility
  • Tax document preparation
  • SSN and ITIN application

You manage your nonresidents, we’ll manage their tax!

Trusted Partner

  • augustana university
  • oberlin university
  • university of cincinnati
  • ramapo college
  • life university